What is private medical insurance?

Private medical insurance (PMI) or also known as Health Insurance can be used to supplement the NHS health care system. Most residents of the UK are entitled to health care from the NHS. However, with PMI you have the option to have private medical treatment dependant on the level of cover you have. This can mean quicker appointments and treatment within a private hospital. It can bring that extra peace of mind when needed.

Do I need Health Insurance? 

Health insurance gives you access to private healthcare and helps cover the cost. That’s anything from seeing a private doctor, to surgery and treatment.

Consider health insurance if you want to:

  • Avoid lengthy GP and hospital waiting lists – GP appointments can be made within hours. With NHS GP appointments under severe pressure, significant time can be saved with a quick appointment the private medical.
  • Get diagnosed and treated quickly – once seen by the GP, referrals can be made quickly where needed to allow follow-up diagnosis.
  • Access specialist drugs and treatments – whilst there are many forms of treatment and drugs available through the NHS, sometimes costs make these unavailable. Health insurance can give access to these.

How much will it cost?

Like all insurance related to health, life and medical, premiums vary dependant on the applicant. The levels of cover also vary between insurers and options you chose to add/remove. You may choose to have unlimited outpatient cover or opt for less comprehensive in-patient only. You can even opt for a policy with a GP available via video call to speed up the referral process.

What insurers do we have access to?

We can offer advice on PMI products from a range of insurers including the following: –

  • Aviva
  • AXA PPP Healthcare
  • Bupa
  • The Exeter
  • Freedom Heath Insurance
  • General & Medical
  • Health Shield
  • Vitality Health

For some people private medical insurance is a necessity, whilst others see it as an unnecessary expense. If you are in doubt or are just curious as to how much it would cost your family, just drop us a line. We will happily give you a personal recommendation but more importantly explain the policies in depth.

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