The Mortgage Process

Applying for a mortgage can be a fairly daunting process, especially if you are a first time buyer. Whilst a mortgage broker can help to alleviate some of the stress by handling matters on your behalf, it’s only natural to want to feel as though you still have control. By understanding exactly how the mortgage…


Self Employed Mortgage Applications

We receive a lot of enquiries from self-employed customers who aren’t sure whether they are able to apply for a mortgage. It might because they only have one year of accounts or it could be because their income can vary considerably from month-to-month and is quite difficult to prove. Self employed mortgage applications are more…


Digital Mortgages by Atom Bank!

We are pleased to announce that another new lender is available through us with immediate effect. Digital Mortgages by Atom Bank is the UK’s first app-based bank, a technology led lender with no branches. They have an innovative new approach to banking and mortgage lending with the objective of making things straight forward, personal, great…


What is a Second Charge Mortgage?

Looking to raise capital? Is a second charge mortgage right for me? If you are looking to release equity from your property to complete home improvements, consolidate debt, buy a new car or even a second home a second mortgage could be an option for you. Second charge mortgages have improved over the years and…


Should I review my Mortgage?

One of the biggest expenses in most people’s lives is their mortgage, yet it’s one of the things that we review least of all. We all review our car insurance each year so why not review your mortgage? It’s surprising how some people remain on their lenders standard variable rate (SVR) for years after the…



Your property may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

This firm usually charges a fee for mortgage advice. The amount of the fee will depend upon your circumstances and will be discussed and agreed with you at the earliest opportunity.